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Aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) is useing The synthesis technology

Aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1)was synthesized using hydrazine hydrate,lime nitrogen,sulfuric acid and ammonium bicarbonate as raw materials.

Factors which influenced aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) were  investigated including the material ratio(hydrazine hydrate,lime nitrogen),water consumption,ph value and reaction temperature.The results show that optimum reaction conditions is follow the dose of water is 100 ml,reaction temperature is 45℃,the mole ratio of hydrazine hydrate to lime nitrogen is 1∶2,ph value is 7.2-7.5,heat for three hours at 70℃.The optimum conditions of crystallization are the crystallization temperature of 10℃ and the crystallization time of 4 hours.In this condition,the yield of products is 96.07% and the product purity is 98%.

Aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) also with particular properties and method for making same

The invention concerns a method for making aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) from an aqueous solution of cyanamide and an aqueous solution of hydrazine in the presence of CO2 . The invention is characterised in that it consists in proceeding with an amount of cyamide slightly higher than the stoichiometric quantity. The invention also concerns quasi-spherical agglomerates of aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) crystals.

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