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Aminoguanidine Bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) Data ③

Aminoguanidine bicarbonate's(cas2582-30-1) synthetic methods

1. Aminoguanidine bicarbonates(cas2582-30-1) are maked with lime nitrogen, hydrazine hydrate, sodium bicarbonate or ammonium bicarbonate as raw materials was prepared.Before adding distilled water to lime nitrogen, from 45 to 50 ℃ 

heat 6 h, filter the waste residue, cyanogen amine (ca) solution,Then to cyanogen amine (ca) in the solution in dilute sulphuric acid to pH = 6-7, cool to room temperature, leaching, calcium sulfate, a quick cyanogen amine solution.

  To add 5% of hydrazine hydrate, cyanogen amine solution at 50 ℃ insulation 4 h, then add in ammonium bicarbonate, placed, precipitation crystallization, drain is raw aminoguanidine bicarbonate.Dissolved the 

coarse product plus acetic acid, oxalic acid, leaching, calcium oxalate, solution with ammonia to pH = 8-9, add a little EDTA disodium, filtering clear, add filter good ammonium bicarbonate solution, placed, crystallization, drain, washing with distilled water, ethanol, respectively, to drain for a quick finished product.

2. Methyl isopropyl thiourea sulfate, condensation reaction of hydrazine hydrate, sodium bicarbonate: will methyl isopropyl urea sulfate sulfur soluble in water, drops of water at room temperature and hydrazine, 1.5 h and never put off till tomorrow what you can to continue stirring, filtration.

  Filtrate vacuum concentration to 2/5 of the original volume, and then with acetic acid to adjust pH to 5, cold below 30 ℃, the stir with saturated hydrogen carbonate solution, stirring 2 h after feeding, the cooling for the night.Filter, filter cake washing first, reoccupy ethanol to wash, 50 ℃ dry, aminoguanidine bicarbonate. The yield of 85% to 90%. 3. Use cyanamid and hydrazine sulfate reaction, reaction and then adding sodium bicarbonate solution, can also be made aminoguanidine bicarbonate.

The way to use aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1)

1. Aminoguanidine bicarbonates(cas2582-30-1) are used in medicine and dye synthesis. In the pharmaceutical industry, mainly used for the synthesis of furan guanidine, its pyrazole, nucleosides and c amidine hydrazone and so on.

2. Aminoguanidine bicarbonates(cas2582-30-1) can be used as medicine, pesticide, dye and photo of the explosive agent, foaming agent and synthetic materials.

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