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Aminoguanidine bicarbonate with the specific characteristics(cas2582-30-1)​ Ⅱ

This applicant developed by cyanamide and hydrazine production aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1)  method, and was surprised that, through the use of slightly lower than the stoichiometric cyanamide, get the aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1)  yield is still high, even higher than a lot of cyanamide method was used to be the yield.

According to the invention of product aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) , the method is that the aqueous solution of cyanamide aqueous solution with hydrazine hydrate in the presence of CO2 response, its characteristic is that the method is to use a slightly lower than the stoichiometric cyanamide.

Ammonia used in the molar ratio of acrylic/hydrazine optimization between 0.80 and 0.99, and favorable is between 0.85 and 0.95.The pH value of reaction medium is usually between 6.5 and 8, optimizing between 7 to 7.3. The pH value can use any appropriate manner, in particular is CO2 adjustment can be used.The concentration of the aqueous solution can change over a very wide scope. Usually optimization using concentration of 15% to 50% of the weight of cyanamide aqueous solution. Hydrazine concentration in the aqueous solution optimization weight of 15% to 64%.

The temperature of the reaction medium is usually 35 ℃ and 70 ℃. At 40 ℃ to 50 ℃ temperature can be especially useful on industrial structure and specific characteristics of aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) .

After reaction, the reaction medium to cool to room temperature and converting the proceeds aminoguanidine bicarbonate rotating(cas2582-30-1)  filter or filtering and drying if appropriate.

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