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Aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1)​ has special structure

The theme of the present invention also involves with special structure and special concrete properties aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) , whose character is basically for the virtually spherical crystal aggregate , the average between 80 and 500 microns in diameter. Aggregation optimization on average between 100 and 250 microns in diameter, the average diameter is measured by laser particle size analyzer.

The invention of aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1)  has easily by any known method is separated from the reaction medium, the advantages of such as filtering or spin filtering and drying, so different from plate let crystal.

Experiment part implementation example 1, at room temperature will be 110.9 g of 99.2% purity of hydrazine hydrate (2.2 mol) and 300 g demineralized water put in a 1 liter reactor. The aqueous solution of pH in the range of 11. Then in the aqueous solution bubbling bubbled into carbon dioxide about 1 hour, representative to join the 58 g or 1.3 mol, CO2, until pH in the range of 7, while maintaining the temperature of the solution in about 40 ℃.

Then in about 2 hours, to add 171.4 g 49% of cyanamide aqueous solution (2 mol), and at the same time continue to join the CO2 to maintain the pH of reaction medium in the range of 7. During the period of joining, medium temperature rise to 45 ℃ and keep the media under the temperature 8 hours, at the same time by adding a small amount of CO2 to adjust pH value in the range of 7.Add 104 g is the total CO2 that 2.36 mol.

At the end of the reaction, the reaction medium to cool to room temperature, filter the aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1)  crystal and 250 ml of water washing, finally at 35 ℃ to 40 ℃ temperature vacuum drying.

After drying, 261.1 g of 99.6% purity of crystal plate (photo no. 2). 

Aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1)  relative to cyanamide, crude yield was 96%.

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