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aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) with particular properties

aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) with particular properties and method for making same

The invention concerns a method for making aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) from an aqueous solution of cyanamide and an aqueous solution of hydrazine in the presence of CO2. The invention is characterised in that it consists in proceeding with an amount of cyamide slightly higher than the stoichiometric quantity. The invention also concerns quasi-spherical agglomerates of aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) crystals.

Determination of aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) by UV spectrophotometry

A UV method for determination of aminoguanidine bicarbonate(cas2582-30-1) was established. In acid medium, paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde (2) could reversibly react with hydrazine sulfate, and their orange product had maximum absorption at 460nm. However, 2 could also react with 1 simultaneously in the same reaction system, the product was more stable, and that made the orange compound decomposed and faded. The reaction accorded with Beer's Law when the concentration of 1 was less than lmmol/L.

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