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Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Boiling Point:
422.4°C at 760 mmHg

Casno:2582-30-1 Structural formula


Casno:2582-30-1 Technical Information

 product name: Aminoguanidine bicarbonate
 Physical State: Solid
 Solubility: Soluble in water (3.3 mg/ml at 30 °C), and water (2.7 mg/ml at 20 °C).
 Storage: Store at 4° C
 Melting Point: 170-172 °C (lit.)(dec.)
 Boiling Point: 422.4 °C at 760 mmHg
 Density: 1.56 g/cm3 at 20 °C
 Refractive Index: n20D ~1.67 (Predicted)

Casno:2582-30-1 Safety and Reference Information

 Transport: UN 3077, Class 9, Packing group III
 WGK Germany: 2
 RTECS: FG1772000
 PubChem CID: 164944
 Merck Index: 14: 441
 MDL Number: MFCD00012949
 EC Number: 219-956-7
 Beilstein Registry: 3569869

Content: (dry sample count) ≥ 98%




≥ 99 %

≥ 99.5 %

Insoluble Substances

≤ 0.03 %

≤ 0.02 %


≤ 0.2 %

≤ 0.15 %

Ignition Residue

≤ 0.07 %

≤ 0.03 %


≤ 0.01 %

≤ 0.006 %


≤ 8 PPm

≤ 5PPm


≤ 0.007 %

≤ 0.005 %

preparing high-purity Casno:2582-30-1 Method

The invention relates to a method for preparing high-purity Casno:2582-30-1. The technological process comprises the steps that hydrazine hydrate and water are mixed firstly; hydrogen cyanamide is added after the temperature rises to 66-80 DEG C; a mixed solution is heated continuously to 80 DEG C; then heating is stopped, so that the temperature of the solution drops naturally to 75-77 DEG C; heat preservation is conducted for 4 hours; then ammonium bicarbonate is added, carbon dioxide gas is introduced at the same time, and heat preservation is conducted for 4 hours; and suction filtration, separation, ethanol rinsing and drying are performed to obtain the high-purity Casno:2582-30-1. According to the method, cyanamide, the hydrazine hydrate and the ammonium bicarbonate serve as raw materials to produce the Casno:2582-30-1, and the carbon dioxide gas is introduced into the mother liquid for adjusting the pH value of the mother liquid during the process for producing the Casno:2582-30-1 simultaneously, so that the product purity is improved. The product purity of the Casno:2582-30-1 produced through the method ranges from 98.5% to 99%.

Casno:2582-30-1 synthesis technology

Casno:2582-30-1 was synthesized using hydrazine hydrate,lime nitrogen,sulfuric acid and ammonium bicarbonate as raw materials.Factors were investigated including the material ratio(hydrazine hydrate:lime nitrogen),water consumption,pH value and reaction temperature.The results show that optimum reaction conditions:is follow:the dose of water is 100 mL,reaction temperature is 45℃,the mole ratio of hydrazine hydrate to lime nitrogen is 1∶2,pH value is 7.2-7.5,heat for three hours at 70℃.The optimum conditions of crystallization are the crystallization temperature of 10℃ and the crystallization time of 4 hours.In this condition,the yield of products is 96.07% and the product purity is 98%.

Casno:2582-30-1 Specification

Casno:2582-30-1 , its product name. is Aminoguanidine bicarbonate, the synonyms are 1-Casno:2582-30-1 ; AI3-52138 ; Aminoguanidine carbonate (1:1) ; Aminoguanidine hydrocarbonate ; Aminoguanidium hydrogen carbonate ; BA 51-090222 ; CCRIS 7133 ; Guanidine, amino-, hydrogen carbonate ; N(sup 1)-Aminoguanidine carbonate (1:1) ; N1-Aminoguanidine carbonate (1:1) ; NSC 7887 ; Aminoguanidinium hydrogen carbonate ; Carbonic acid, compd. with aminoguanidine (1:1) (8CI) ; Carbonic acid, compd. with hydrazinecarboximidamide (1:1) ; Hydrazinecarboximidamide, carbonate (1:1) .

Casno:2582-30-1 use

Casno:2582-30-1 is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyestuffs and other organic derivatives (photochemicals, explosives). Casno:2582-30-1 is used in the purification of acrylic acid to remove aldehydes.  Casno:2582-30-1 is used as a selective inhibitor of inducible nitric oxide synthase in biochemistry.

Casno:2582-30-1 is a starting compound for the manufacture of the explosive tetracene, which finds wide applications in primer compositions and explosive rivets. Casno:2582-30-1 is also an intermediate in the manufacturing of selective weed killers (3-amino-1,2,4-triazole). Since Casno:2582-30-1 has good selective reducing properties it has been used by the dye, pharmaceutical and photographic industries. When combined with phosphoric acid forms a complex that can act as a flame retardant in fibrous cellulose and protein materials.

Casno:2582-30-1 handling

Avoid contact with skin and avoid ingestion. Use dust respirator when handling. Since no exposure limit have been established for Casno:2582-30-1 by OSHA & ACGIH, we recommend that our product should be treated as a nuisance dust 15 mg/m3. Product must be stored below 30oC(85oF) to reduce the risk of decomposition and discoloration. See MSDS for more information.

Carbonate and Semicarbazide Tin(IV) Derivatives of Casno:2582-30-1

ABSTRACT Equimolar reactions between organotin(IV) precursors of SnClxR4-x (R = Bu, Ph, x = 1, 4) and Casno:2582-30-1 in methanol has afforded 2:1 and 1:1 (M:L) carbonate complexes as well as 1:2 semicarbazide derivative. The products were characterised by spectroscopic methods such as multinuclear NMR (H-1, C-13 and Sn-119), Myssbauer and infrared spectroscopy as well as microanalysis and melting point. The butyl and phenyl derivatives have a 4- and 5-coordinated metal centre respectively with bridging-bidentate and bridging-tridentate carbonate. For the tetrahalide metal precursor, a 6-coordinated tin(IV) derivative has been achieved with a bidentate semicarbazide towards the metal centre.

Packing: 25kg woven bags lined with plastic film layer.

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